Server side languages console

Universal server-side languages console

Maurina is a console that displays information about the execution of server-side programs. It was designed to help developers debug any program that runs on a server.

Maurina works with any server-side language. Currently a connector for PHP is available, but you can write a connector for any language, see the Contribute section.

Maurina is open source (written in Qt / C++), cross-platform and free to use. If you want to support the developer please consider making a donation.

See it in action

Quick example

You can find detailed information on how to use Maurina in the Documentation section, but here's a quick example using the PHP connector:

// Start session and set some values
$_SESSION['USER_ID'] = 25;
$_SESSION['USER_NAME'] = 'User name';

// Set some REQUEST (POST or GET) values
$_REQUEST['param1'] = 'value1';

// Create Maurina instance
$M = new Maurina();

// Send some custom messages
$M->log('Message sent using the log() method.');
$M->log('Another message.');

// Some code that will raise errors
$a = $a / 0;

Below are the outputs of the Maurina console: